JuX-The Patchbolds on ModuLar System

JuX is a musical duo that enriches the techno scene with their unique sound. The duo consists of Xanu and Joya, who are both also known as DJs in the scene. However, what sets Duo JuX apart from other techno acts is their use of a modular system.

Unlike the traditional DJ setup with CDJ players or turntables, JuX uses a variety of modules that they manipulate in real time to create their music. These creative options offer a different level of expression that captivates audiences. By arranging modules and changing their parameters, JuX can manipulate sounds in real time to create special soundscapes and rhythms that excite audiences.

During their live performances, they create a unique sound that captures the energy of the techno scene and merges it with their own artistic vision. They create a modern form of techno that takes the audience on a sonic journey


Overall, JuX offers techno lovers a new approach to music that is a creative alternative to traditional DJ setups. Their unique musical concept is a testament to the musical innovation in the scene and makes the duo a real head turner for those looking for an unforgettable musical experience.